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Before and After
The real "behind the scenes" work of an integration company.  We are proud to show Off our award-winning rack wiring.  Besides our own projects, please see how we have cleaned up other firm's installations.  Such clean ups provide improved reliability and performance.
This reference grade system includes some of the finest audio video components in the world.   Audio-Phile amplifiers for the front and surround channels with independent amps for each sub- woofer.  Over 7,200 watts of power allow for pristine sound and even the loudest levels.  Note the cafeful separation of power and speaker wiring away from audio and control.  While many firms focus on the obvious components, our attention to detail and behind the scenes quality is extended to all our theater and home projects.
Another challenging $100k plus home theater system.  While re-using all the original system components Future Home re-engineered the rack layout and connections.  Client complained the system humming and having ground wires cut to try to stop that.  The proper wiring techniques eliminated the hum and provided safe grounding.  Better performance and not having to worry about getting shocked.
"Oh I all just have the studio do my installation"...  We hear that in Hollywood all the time. But would you hire the best truck mechanics to work on your Bentely?  This major private screening room was originally done by "top studio techs"...  Future Home's white glove approach improved the same system to world class quality that was, in the words of the Blockbuster Movie producer homeowner "Sick"!
This rack was just to control a home with just four sources, HDTV, Blu Ray, Film sound and a movie server.  I guess it wins for most wires to do the least work.  Note the secure wiring in the Future Home version.  Plus all connections were upgraded from analog to Digital HDMI Video.  This homeowner now enjoys improved performance and reliability from the same original components.
To control all the music, lighting, TVs, pool, Spa, fountains and even the fireplaces in an 18,000 sq.ft. home, these three racks are hidden in the basement.  Around the house are only TVs, touch panel remotes and speakers.  No clutter or wall acne, or stereo cabinets to disrupt the homes fine interior decor.  Some Future Home clients do not even know where the equipment is in their house and why should they?  They just enjoy the performance.
Miles of wires and connections all terminate here.  Back rack access allows for easy and quick maintenance and updating.  At far right you can see the corners of some of the home's 31 thermostats located here connected to small wall sensors around the estate.  No clunky thermostats disturb this homes interior decor.
Another fully wired home music rack ready for installation.  All Future Home systems are wired, tested and programmed before delivery.  Thus your home is finished promptly upon your move-in. No months of strangers in your house figuring things out then!